Spiral Of Hope

SPIRAL OF HOPE, is a short public service announcement that was filmed in partnership with aerial, and fire hoop artist, Ray Asuncion on location at Le Studio run by Nathalie Le Gauthier. 

Several years ago, Ray was diagnosed with a milk ductile cancerous tumor.  With radical surgery and follow up treatment, she has been able to remain healthy, active, and cancer-free.  Part of the mission of Koncept Films, Konceptual Art, and it's affiliates, like Ray, and Nathalie, is to pool our artistic resources with the intent of raising awareness and promoting education on key social issues.

This short piece aired during Breast Cancer Awareness Month all over the nation as part of Ford Corporation's "Warriors In Pink" campaign to educate the public about Breast Cancer.   We believe that it is critical for those battling cancer to view work that will engender hope and commitment to survival; that will reiterate the healing potential of art, and urge the importance of claiming your personal expression of self and sharing it with the world.

Please visit the Koncept Films Channel on youtube.com to view Ray Asuncion's healing performance and be sure to educate yourself and those you love, not just during Breast Cancer Awareness month every October, but all year round!

Featuring: Ray Asuncion

Directed by: Karen Criswell