Konceptual Art

is the creation of Karen Criswell, Producer/Director of Koncept Films. The idea was conceived as a way to join  together a vast array of talent under one collective umbrella. In the realm of Konceptual Art; artists and audiences alike can explore via the internet, a magical creative web, that will lead them on adventures to explore otherwise unknown artistic territory!!

Coming from a background steeped in performance art, opera, political theater and music, Karen, has had the opportunity to explore various avenues of expression, leading her to the conclusion that great art includes it all!! 

The intent of Konceptual Art is to gather a vast array of art and artists under one unique resource. A “one stop shopping” internet location for those serious about exploring art in all its myriad facets, and for those who wish to be introduced to new and exciting forms of KONCEPTUAL ART.

Enjoy!!  And, please, return often!!!