Koncept Poetics

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“Real poetry is to lead a beautiful life.
            To live poetry is better than to write it.”
                     ~ Masuo Basho, 15th century Japanese poet


So, out of life’s experience; travel, work, relationship, has sprung forth, almost involuntarily; certainly, inevitably, the written word. Poetry creates a space, a place for expansion of expression and thought not easily found in other forms of writing. It is meant to be read quietly on a blustery winter’s day with a hot mug of tea as you snuggle under a wooly cover beside a toasty fire; or shouted from the top of your lungs in a crowded nightclub at this week’s poetry slam competition grasping for attention; longing for communication of thoughts, ideas, or sometimes just simply trying to get a laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

Poetry is vast. It is lyrical. It is a form of writing that lends itself well to the support of visual media whether it be a photograph, a strip of film, or a painting. And, here, in this forum, we have created a space for the infinite beauty of those simply, written words.

 KONCEPT POETICS is the opening of a door behind which an entire universe of expression exists.  Just enter, and enjoy!