Koncept Images


“To capture an image is to suspend time for a breath”.
                                  ~ kcriswell




In the pursuit of film and visual medium of storytelling, there came a moment of “stumbling” into the photo; that magic moment when the story begins, or ends, or escalates, or changes track. All still images capture the essence of a moment, and then, like the exhalation of a breath we have been holding, with a rush, it is gone. That is a truly amazing photograph, the one that captures that moment, in perpetuity, of the breath that has just; only barely just, dissipated into the ether.  All that remains is that stark, beautiful, perfect, trapped image; embedded with the soul of a photographer whose grace exists in each frame…

KONCEPT PHOTOGRAPHY seeks those images that speak to the heart of humanity, capture our emotional highs, and feed our joys, our souls, and our minds.

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