Koncept Music


PHOTO LOCATION: Alexandra's Bordello, Venice, CA


"...i try to focus on the music as it twists and swirls inside each note... so purely transcendental, so seductive..."  

from ~ "slipping towards the edge" lyrics by karen criswell


In my life's journey music has informed all of my best adventures.  Whether dreaming of being a ballerina when a small child, roaming the streets of Paris as an adult, or trekking over the red lava rocks of Iceland...music has set the tempo for my footsteps.  For me, music begins with the story, followed by the virtuosity or organic tenor of the notes, and then dives deep into the words, the vocalizations, and the breath of life that is mastered by the performer.  From Peer Gynt to Nina Simone; Mozart to Stevie Ray Vaughn; Gene Kelley to John Lennon; Barbara Streisand to Jimi Hendrix, and all of the vast layers of expertise, style, and feeling that weaves in and out and around each artist.  Music is life.  It flows like raging water through my veins yet spills only droplets from my fingers, and moist kisses from my tongue.  Still, I drink.