Konceptual Art

KONCEPTUAL ART is the creation of Karen Criswell, Producer/Director of Koncept Films. The idea was conceived as a way to join  together a vast array of talent under one collective umbrella. In the realm of Konceptual Art; artists and audiences alike can explore via the internet, a magical creative web, that will lead them on adventures to explore otherwise unknown artistic territory!!

Koncept Films

With a basis of knowledge steeped in theatrical and performance art, Karen Criswell, Producer/Director of KONCEPT FILMS, brings to the table a vast background in visual media. Her experimentation with visual media began during her tenure as Production Manager for the non-profit, San Francisco based, West Bay Opera Company, where video projections and visual special effects were used in place of costly scenery to stimulate and excite their audiences. From these creative sojourns it was an easy leap into the world of film.

Koncept Poetics

So, out of life’s experience; travel, work, relationship, has sprung forth, almost involuntarily; certainly, inevitably, the written word. Poetry creates a space, a place for expansion of expression and thought not easily found in other forms of writing. It is meant to be read quietly on a blustery winter’s day with a hot mug of tea as you snuggle under a wooly cover beside a toasty fire; or shouted from the top of your lungs in a crowded nightclub at this week’s poetry slam competition grasping for attention; longing for communication of thoughts, ideas, or sometimes just simply trying to get a laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

Koncept Images

In the pursuit of film and visual medium of storytelling, there came a moment of “stumbling” into the photo; that magic moment when the story begins, or ends, or escalates, or changes track. All still images capture the essence of a moment, and then, like the exhalation of a breath we have been holding, with a rush, it is gone. That is a truly amazing photograph, the one that captures that moment, in perpetuity, of the breath that has just; only barely just, dissipated into the ether.  All that remains is that stark, beautiful, perfect, trapped image; embedded with the soul of a photographer whose grace exists in each frame.