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After two years the "Chasing Daylight" travel e-book is complete!  Here is an excerpt from my adventures in Copenhagen, complete with photographs from Rosenberg Castle.   A mix of poetry, prose and photography, "Chasing Daylight" is a delightful adventure through the winter countries as spring fights for it's right to emerge!





Regal, authentic, synergistic, and completely under construction! 

It was hard to train my camera lens on a site that did not include a crane, orange cones, net fencing, and planks doubling as walkways.   A far cry from the original cobbled stones that ordinarily paved one's way in old Copenhagen.  

The vagaries of travel! 


Yet, on the grounds of the Rosenberg Castle and the nearby botanical gardens, the noise and the modernity of contemporary Copenhagen were stripped away. 

Here, there is a feeling of centuries past; tenacious and irreplaceable. 


A familiar possession of that ethereal, flickering feeling of being on the edge of the veil between now....and then. 


the lawn breathlessly awaits
for the 100th times infinity
the welcoming of spring; 
a wild, riotous blooming of tulips
stretching their arms to the sky
soaking in the eternal energy of the sun... be continued...

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Independent Producer/Director focusing on stories with strong social and cultural messages layered artistically and musically to create a unique multi-dimensional experience.

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