Pak 'N Boots

CoIcicleTreeCollage - 1ol shadows of tall trees 
Scattered like splattered paint 
Across hot concrete streets 

Ruby red bougainvillea
Cascade, innocent, down Plaster walls
Petals fall 
Drifting on the sultry breeze

A man splayed out 
Lies beside his broken bike 
An officer struggles to hear his gasping words 

Car door opens
Spit lands on roadway 

I struggle to take another bite 
Of my sandwich 

Yellow school bus chugging death
Peruvian family, toting sweets
Bursting color, blinding bright
Saturating afternoon light 

Cool shadows of tall trees 
Flicker, focus, waver, pause
Dancing along my windshield 

A sultry breeze brushes across my face 
And, for a moment 
Just one moment 
Amidst the chaos of today 

A wavering
A flickering 
An elusive hint of grace...

Written by


Independent Producer/Director focusing on stories with strong social and cultural messages layered artistically and musically to create a unique multi-dimensional experience.

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