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As I work, diligently, to share a story in SHIFT FORWARD that is only partially (and a very small part at that) mine to tell, it is interesting to me the complicity of us all in the issue that this story addresses.

We toil, most of us, every day, to provide for ourselves; for our families, or friends; but do not often, truly, consider our community, our country, or the world at large. We pick and choose who we help. Pick and choose our causes to suit our singular, tunnel vision. Pick and choose who is worthy of our time and energy. Often, while so many more lives hang in the balance, ignored.

Human lives in the 21st century have been reduced to 140 character twitter blips; memes, and quips; barbs, and vitriol. We have forgotten the importance of story, of art, of education. And, if an issue is not part of the 24 hour news no longer exists. Victims of the cutting room floor are victims to our incessant thirst for power, fame, and popularity. It is high school on steroids, and if you are not part of the "it" crowd, well then, you might as well be invisible.

We are all complicit in this masking of the real issues, the avoidance of real solutions. It is too painful. We are too medicated. We don't, by and large, want to "see" what is actually happening in the world around us; in the neighbor's back yard or on the city street where we walk to pick up our Venti Mocha Latte with an extra shot of espresso at the local Starbucks. We live in a packaged, marketed, expendable world.

We are dying while we still breathe, decaying as we still walk the earth.

If you want to do more than exist while you are still alive, you have to be connected, and not just to the connections that are easy, pleasurable, and fun; but to the connections that cause you to dig deep into your own pain, your own weaknesses, and your own vulnerabilities.

We must never stop learning, growing, evolving; otherwise, we are merely existing...and, what, really, is the point in that?

I was never popular in high school; too shy, too geeky, too socially awkward...and now, with SHIFT FORWARD, and trying to crowd fund the last monies needed to tell this truly transformative story about two men who are working to transcend society's "rules"....well, it feels a bit like high school all over again.

We are NOT the popular kid. We are the issue that no one dares mention. We are "attacking" that very thing that America is all about....freedom! The American addiction to liberty at all costs; including the lives of others.

The truth is that people do not want to give up their right to choose to drive under the influence. Any more than someone under the influence will readily relinquish their keys at a party. They do not want to appear weak, do not want to be reliant on others, do not want to get stricken from the party lists...well, you can see the similarities.

We are all of us complicit in drunk driving deaths. We look the other way. We deny the reality of the situation in front of us. We ignore. We stand firmly on the erroneous belief, that bad can never happen to us; that "we" can never be wrong...

That arrogance is the reason that Ron Barton lost his beautiful 4 yr. old daughter, and Richard Bryant, my stepbrother, wound up spending 30 years in prison with a lifetime of carrying the burden of killing two people; a prison of his own making, from which he will never be freed.

This situation, and so many like it, are entirely preventable if only "we" would cease being complicit...

Please wake up and get this or some other issue that matters, to you, to your community, to the world.

Simply put; shrug off your complacency, and live!

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Independent Producer/Director focusing on stories with strong social and cultural messages layered artistically and musically to create a unique multi-dimensional experience.

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