• Pak 'N Boots

    Ramblings & Musings

    AN ODE TO "C" bells, bikes, and trucks bendingmetal joints, creakingtight corners, bated breathsmilitary piper trills, drums in shadesfrost lit revelry melts to mist lavender tulips, relentlessly pressed, eager arms, reluctant sunswans glide, mysterious warning magic, lurking in dank cornershistory seeps through cracked bricks merging clouds, windows, mirrors, breaking, china glassimages, reflecting in sweet sorrow surfaces shimmer, seeking a thousand year dreammelding, morphing, twisting, trailingshadows of an ancient self the hall of kings has no idea what to think of mea modern anomaly:  red  Read more
  • Artistic Presentation

    Exhibitions, Screenings & More

    As I work, diligently, to share a story in SHIFT FORWARD that is only partially (and a very small part at that) mine to tell, it is interesting to me the complicity of us all in the issue that this story addresses.We toil, most of us, every day, to provide for ourselves; for our families, or friends; but do not often, truly, consider our community, our country, or the world at large. We pick and  Read more
  • Life Exposed

    Photographs & Art Weekly

    The true journey that I am currently embarked upon actually began March 26, 2013 in Thailand; landing in Bangkok with plans to stay only a few days while I obtained my visa. As I arrived at the embassy, the day after I landed; the embassy was closed due to an Indian holiday!  As it was Friday, and with a slight feeling of frustration (Change of Plans #1) knowing that it would now be Tuesday before  Read more